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Thursday, February 02, 2006

more of a good thing

We stayed in Black Point today and got a few things done. I arrived at the laundromat early to secure three washing machines, and Dean started his quest for water. Both the laundromat and the water spigot were popular places for cruisers, so Dean and I met most of the cruisers in the anchorage before the morning was done (there are probably a dozen boats here), and we learned that Lorraine would be having a barbecue at dinnertime. Knowing how much fun that would be, we couldn't pass it up, so we made ourselves a reservation.

After lunch we took the dinghy out for a tour around Black Point, and Dean brought his fishing rod. As soon as we got near the rocks at the edge of the harbor, Dean started getting hits. Some big, thin fish, perhaps barracudas, kept taking the bait, but they would always jump out of the water and manage to spit the hook. And no sooner would that happen when another fish would come along and bite.

We caught no fish, but we were both highly entertained by the fish acrobatics. And we had dinner plans anyway.

We went to the grocery store and found it closed. Asking around, we found that the owner was in Nassau. So no milk, etc. for us. Lucky that we bought fresh coconut bread that Lorraine's mother had baked, so we at least have that to eat.

We met Bob and Chesley of S/V Cygnet, a 1981 Tayana 37! They know the former owners of Delilah, who are now caretakers on Little Whale Cay. Bob and Chesley have owned Cygnet since 81; we have much to talk about.

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