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Monday, January 23, 2006

Another day in paradise

January 21

We're still in Hawksbill Cay, and we had a wonderful
day. We started by dinghying to a beautiful, deserted
beach, where we walked the shore and then read for a
few hours. Later, when a catamaran anchored off the
beach (and catamarans, having shallow drafts, can go
very, very close), we went to another deserted beach
for more of the same. Then back to Delilah to relax.
Then back to the closest beach for sunset drinks with
the other two boats in our anchorage. One of the kids
on another boat pointed out a shark swimming lazily by
about 20 feet off the shore, reinforcement of the
wisdom that one should never swim at sunset.

This, then, is what we were after all along. Tomorrow
we will sail ten miles further, to Warderick Wells,
which is still in the Exuma Park, and is therefore
home to great numbers of birds, lizards, fish, etc. We
hope to see the resident four-foot barracuda (Bubba),
and his two shark pals (Boo Boo and The Harbormaster).

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