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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Rock Sound, Eleuthera

N24 degrees, 51.911 minutes
W076 degrees, 09.793 minutes

We are glad we decided to stay in Rock Sound today. We had some rain showers last night, and watched a beautiful lightening storm off in the distance. At dawn it looked like things were going to clear up, but the rain has started again, and we can hear thunder rumbling in the distance.

Rock Sound is at least a mile across, but the water from one side to the other is only 6 to 10 feet deep, so it's the same aqua color thoughout. Without any wind this morning, the surface is flat, and and it's even more beautiful in the silvery light that comes through the clouds.

This is our first rainy day in the Bahamas, and thouh it makes taking the dinghy ashore a little damp, it has also rinsed a lot of salt off the boat and the dinghy. Now we have very little excuse but to clean inside the boat. In between bouts of air guitar, Dean is dusting our woodwork and sweeping the cabin sole (floor) as I take care of the extremely urgent task of updating the blog.

Yesterday we walked around the town, and though it's not as pretty as Governor's Harbour, the people are very welcoming, and Dingle's motor Services, a local business, has taken it upon itself to be a great resource for cruisers, building a dinghy dock, holding mail, offering Internet service, and helping us find anything we need on the island.

We also paid a visit to the local baker, Julian, a large and jovial man who bakes to order. We bought a johnnycake, which is like a yellow cake but rather dry with some additional spices in it--I thought I could taste anise. We're told every recipe is different, and the measurements are vague. You put in whatever looks right. So Ireland and Eleuthera have something in common with their baking.

We also visited the "blue hole" in town. These blue holes are on land, but are allegedly bottomless, and many people believe they are connected to the ocean somehow. Whatever. It looked like a dirty lake to me. I prefer swimming off the boat.

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