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Monday, January 30, 2006


Sunday, January 29
N 24 degrees, 05.87 minutes
W 076 degrees, 24.22 minutes

We made just a short trip today, from Big Major's Spot to Black Point, five miles south. The big draw here is that Back Point is a relatively large settlement, so the store is better stocked, and there is free water at the dock, and a place to put trash, and a laundromat. We scooted on down here this morning, knowing that a lot of boats in Big Major's were heading here also, and hoping to be the first to arrive at the laundromat.

At noon we dropped anchor next to a boat from Duxbury, MA, and another Tayana from Boston (we've met the Duxbury residents before, and it turns out that they know the Days from Wilmington). I had a huge bag of laundry ready to go as soon as we anchored, and we rushed into the dinghy dock.

But it's Sunday. The laundromat is closed. So we decided to find Lorraine's, a local restaurant that gets rave reviews, and treat ourselves to a meal off the boat.
On the way there, we passed a bunch of people fresh out of church. One lady, dressed to the nines, in a purple suit, and a spectacular hat, took a liking to Jill, giving her a big hug and saying (we think) "I love you. Come see me tomorrow and I'll show you some things. I love you." Jill chose to not be weirded out, and hugged back.

The door to Lorraines was open and Lorraine was there, still in her suit from church, and there was some commotion in the restaurant, as another cruiser was trying to get a wireless router he'd donated to Lorraine to work. Dean was called in to assist.

Lorraine's is an interesting place. It's pretty casual, and it's well known among cruisers for its book exchange and free Internet access, and for the coconut bread made by Lorraine's mother (I ordered one for tomorrow). Lorraine also has a bar, but she's not much of a bartender. Guests are encouraged step behind the bar to help themselves to drinks, keeping tabs on index cards until they're ready to pay.

As this is the Bahamas, and as it is Sunday, and as there was this whole Internet project going on in one room, and more people kept showing up and getting involved and starting tabs, there was never any rush, and then things got a little sidetracked. Several of the Canadian cruisers could not get over Dean's close resemblance to Formula 1 superstar Jacques Villeneuve (is that true, Roger?). We all had to look him up on the Internet. Then there were stories and more rounds of drinks and stupid bar tricks, and Lorraine left to change out of ther church clothes.

I think we finally ate lunch at about 4 o'clock. No laundry, no water, no trash. Just a buzz. And when we started to think about leaving Lorraine's, a huge rainbow appeared outside, and it started to rain. So we stayed a little longer.

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