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Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Paparazzi Have Found Us

January 10

We liked Governor's Harbour enough to stay two full days. The town is so small that we were able to walk through it all in an hour or two, in addition to sending email and picking up a few groceries. Most food is much more expensive on the Out Islands, but there are a few surprises, like cheap European and New Zealand butter and locally baked, delicious coconut bread. The only problem will be controlling ourselves around a fresh loaf of bread and all this butter. It's calling to me from the galley now.

We've also been trying some of the local foods, though there really isn't much one could call local. Most stuff is shipped over from the U.S., and very little produce is grown locally. I did buy a can of mackeral in tomato sauce, which we haven't opened, and a can of pigeon peas in coconut milk, which were not the lovely green color promised on the label's picture, but a scary brown. They did taste good. We've also bought lots of rum mixers, but all this stuff, even stuff with the Bahamian flag on it, was grown and canned elsewhere.

We decided to stop for lunch at a small restaurant with seating in a garden that overlooked the bay--and Delilah. Within a few minutes a woman approached us and asked if we lived on the island or were visiting. It turned out that she was a travel writer from the New York Times doing a story on Eleuthera. The poor thing only had three days to do it, though Eleuthera is more than a hundred miles long. No time for snorkeling or collecting shells or concocting rum drinks: "Shall we try the guava and pineapple today?"

The writer took our names and asked us a few questions, but it wasn't quite the grilling we got for the Globe story, so who knows if we'll be in the paper or not. It doesn't really matter, as we'll never read the story. In Nassau the Times daily was $4.50. It'd probably be more here, and a few days old, if it came this far at all. That's fine with me. I had my fill of newspapers while at Harvard.

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