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Thursday, February 02, 2006

No Gin Necessary

George Town, Great Exuma Island, Exumas

N 23 degrees 31.78 minutes
W 075 degrees 45.10 minutes

We've arrived at last! For many cruisers, George Town is the end of the line. We hope that's not the case with us.

We have two fishing stories for your enjoyment today. The first finds us trolling from Digby over a shallow area of coral near Musha Cay (which can be yours for a week for merely six figures). A Strike! A fierce battle ensues. Then... are we snagged on something? The rod bends precariously, but the line doesn't budge. Over goes Jill in her snorkeling apparatus. The line leads down to a little cave, just a foot or two high. Dozens of fish have crowded around to watch the spectacle. Some pulling by Dean and... a huge grouper appears, lure in his mouth, looking furious. He shakes his head, breaks the line, and swims back inside, taking our lure with him. Harrumph!

Our second story takes place a day later. We are trolling from Delilah. A Strike! A fierce battle ensues. Then the line grows lighter. The fish pops to the surface, no fight left, and is dragged limply to the boat. Dean reels in half a tuna! The other half was lunch for some huge shark. The shark had the courtesy to leave us our lure and enough little tunny for dinner. And he saved us a shot of gin, with which we normally dispatch our catch.

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