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Monday, July 17, 2006

Guest Blog - Joe and Sharon M/V Captain Easy

Soooooo, Joe wanted an adventure. That's what he said when he handed me the airline tickets to Trinidad to visit our good friends, Dean and Jill, for our 10 year anniversary. The excitement started with the flight being on a very, very small prop plane, at least it seemed very, very small to me. I don't think so. Flight changed....yahoo we are off on our adventure, along with two other good friends, Roger and Lisa.

6:00 a.m. flight, perky as can be! We can't wait to get there! Eight hours and 2 yogurts later, we finally arrive. Dean and Jill waiting on the dock. Wow, do they look amazing! So rested and HAPPY! Head to the boat, go to jump on, lose the pocketbook in the water. HELP, HELP, JOE! In he jumps, clothes and all. My hero. The adventure has started! Punchy and excited we head to the local bar with a crowd of other cruisers. Fun, fun, fun! Listen to all the amazing stories of all at the table and say....what are we waiting for?

Dean is on a mission....by the time we leave on Wednesday, he will have convinced us to do this and do it soon. He has already found us several boats!

Our anniversary adventure: Check into the hotel room.....SINGLE BEDS, OH DEAR! But it's okay, we are on an adventure.

Finally....head out to Scotland Bay. Fun in the sun, beautiful bay, amazing scenery! Could not have asked for a more perfect day. Swam and splashed in the water all day! , Time to head back, up goes the sail. First time sailing, I can't wait, Oh Boy. Everyone on the boat wished the had a camera TO CAPTURE MY STUNNED EXPRESSION the first time the boat heeled. You see, we are power boaters and I did not have a clue. Did not take long for me to fall in love with sailing. Keep on heeling!

Eat, drink and laugh all day long...... Today we head out on an excursion. We hope to see most of the island and explore, explore, and explore...leatherback turtles, beautiful green parakeets, food, drink and laugh all day.

BIG DAY TOMORROW. Anniversary. We renew our wedding vows on the Delilah with our good friends. I have already made up my vows. Did it weeks ago. Joe says he did, too, and lost them when he saved my pocketbook. Yeah Right, Joe. Something tells me he will con Dean and Jill into helping him!

It will be the best anniversary I can ever remember. In the company of wonderful friends, a beautiful island, and the man who made it all happen....my husband, Joe. Thank you all for this amazing adventure!


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NB: Wife swapping is illegal there.

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