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Friday, July 07, 2006

Leaving for Trinidad

Friday, 7 July 2006
The Lagoon, St. Georges, Grenada

We're probably leaving for Trinidad tomorrow. I say probably because we've been having engine problems the last two days. We might have fixed it. If so, we'll go to Trinidad. If not, we'll stay here until we fix it. It is probably air getting into the fuel lines. We've spent most of the day working on it. So, to cheer you up, we've posted some pictures. The first is of a few friends at sunset. Nice, eh? By the way, that's not me with my arm around Jill--it's Paul from M/V Dreamweaver. The second is from back in Guadaloupe, when we went to the waterfalls. The second picture is by famed photographer Glenn Phillips.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stephen looked at Dreamweaver's blog and was much amused by their mention of Dean's maturity. Bryce would like to gain entrance to such a contest. RF

4:37 PM  

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