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Monday, June 26, 2006

Lazy Days

26 June 2006
The Lagoon, St. George's Harbor
N 12 degrees 02.650 minutes
W 061 degrees 44.838 minutes

We left Carriacou on June 21 and had our best sail in a long time, topping seven knots at first (thanks to a helpful current). The wind stayed on or behind our beam for most of the trip, and Delilah was well-balanced with merely a double-reefed main and double-reefed genoa. We left Carriacou fairly early and found ourselves the first new boats to arrive in St. George's that afternoon. That gave us an advantage in finding a spot in this very tight anchorage, which is always full of boats.

We've spent the last few days in a mostly relaxed state. Of course, there were chores to which we had to attend (five loads of laundry, refilling the water tank, buying and installing new blades for the wind generator, buying and installing a new light for the v-berth, etc.). But, for the most part, we've chilled. That's what comes from being (for the most part) out of the path of possible hurricanes and only 70 or so miles from Trinidad, our southernmost destination.

Yesterday, we took Digby to a beach that is just around the corner from the lagoon (too murky to swim) where we are anchored. That's about all we did yesterday. Last night we got together with Amanzi and Crossroads and for homemade pizza. I've been enjoying the free wifi (provided by Island Water World with the request that users make a small donation to ongoing Hurricane Ivan relief efforts) to download NPR podcasts. We are current with news for the first time in months.

Jill has been enjoying the well-stocked grocery stores, and got up early Saturday to find the best selection of produce at the weekly market in St. George's. Mangoes, papaya, and bananas are all locally grown and relatively cheap, but the main crop grown in Grenada "the Spice Island" is nutmeg. Our spice rack continues to expand.

Another crop that is important to both Grenada and Jill is the cocoa bean. We plan to visit a chocolate factory this afternoon, to take advantage of free tastings, and to purchase some of the product. After all, it behooves us to support the local economy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The island vernacular has enhanced your otherwise tech-heavy, R-less speech. The reference point be "chillin." BPT is off to scout camp fully armed with a Swiss Army knife, a tackle box, with many a sharp and anxious hooks, pliers, leads, a box of cheez-its and one box of blueberry Pop-Tarts. The Lord of the Flies allied with General Foods. MCT paddles off to the swim and tennis club. I labor and read escapist blogs. Good to hear you caught up with the news. We feared you were unaware of global warming and early season cyclonic events. Martinique has the Fender's fancy. I would just as well go now and then again. Practicality - worn by others and not me - suggests strongly against it. Air fare is harsh, currently. Murky water? Why is this? geography? hydrology? Spirits were raised by your call. Nicely done.


2:50 PM  
Anonymous stecker said...

Double reef? Are you both girls?

12:51 PM  

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