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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Independence Day

Saturday, July 8
The Lagoon, St. George, Grenada

Being that Grenada did NOT ratify its Constitution on July 4, the people of Grenada believe that July 4 is just another day. Undeterred, we nominated Dreamweaver, who has the biggest boat (by far--it's a 48-foot Krogan trawler), to host our celebration. Paul and Karin are southerners, and they keep a tiled smoker on their top deck for just such occasions.

The food at the party was a strange mix of American cookout meets West Indian vegetable market. We had potato salad; mahi mahi with mango chutney; chocolate cake; and nutmeg ice cream. Nutmeg ice cream is surprisingly good, so I saved room for a second helping.

Val on Eira introduced a new party game for the adults, where each person had to write down a true sentence about him or herself on a sheet of paper. The sheets were scrambled and selected randomly by another to read, and then everyone had to guess who wrote the sentence. Here is what I learned about my fellow cruisers, without naming names: one cruiser has spent a night in a Georgia jail, another once partied at the pyramids in Egypt with the Grateful Dead, another had a horse that was struck by lightning, another hiked the entire Appalachian Trail, and another had lunch with Jimmy Buffet in Aspen. Those were the most colorful ones, and I guessed all but one of them wrong!

It looks like the engine is working! We're leaving at 2PM today, Saturday.


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