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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

On On!

Monday 3 July 2006
The Lagoon
St. Georges, Grenada

I blamed Glenn (S/V Crossroads) at the time. Michele (S/V Crossroads) and I were alone, jogging and running (but mostly walking) through dense forest, in the mountains of Grenada, following a path marked with piles of shredded paper. It was Glenn's idea to run the hash (see this link for an explanation of hashing). Glenn had sprinted ahead at the beginning, and Jill had been waylaid by a know-it-all sailor who was explaining to her exactly what she had been doing wrong these past eight months. Suddenly, we started to see runners coming at us. That made no sense. They all swore that they were on trail, and therefore we must be lost. It didn't seem that way to me. I explained that we had always been on trail, and had seen paper the entire way. So had they. Well, somebody must have gotten their trails crossed. But it wasn't I.

We met Jill, also running toward us, and persuaded her to turn around and cover the ground she had just run. As we jogged, I explained to Jill how I must be right, and all the other runners wrong. She resisted my arguments. However, just when it looked like we might never reach the end, there we were. And, we hadn't gone off trail... everybody else had.

Nuff said.


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