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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Guest Blog: Burd on board

So there we were, in George Town, anchored in Red Shanks sitting out what had to be the fourth and by far the worst low preassure front of my trip thus far. I was loving it. Dinner was an excellent medley of skipjack tuna we had caught just the other day and now we were each occupied in our own ways while the wind howled in the wind generator slowly brinng Delilah's batteries back to capacity. Earlier, as the front moved in we were confident in our positioning and preparation but others had paid little attention to the forcasts and now were frantically calling one another on channel 68. "Crazy Horse, you're dragging!" went out over the VHF causing a panic in one anchorage. "Don't anchor there Sweet Pea, the bottom's all sea grass over there and you won't stay put." "Gone Fish'n, this is Escapade, you're going to swing into me, you're too close." To the three of us on Delilah, this was as good as the best of 'Must See TV' back home, we were glued to the radio. We even!
got reports from boats able to hear the BBC and so we learned of our Vice President's prowess with a shotgun. So, to sum things up here in George Town, Exuma, Bahamas, life is great and I am not looking forward to the trip home. As I write this Boston is due to be hit with a nor'easter that just left 28" of snow on New York city so a little bit of wind while hanging around in 80 degree weather over clear blue water and white sandy beaches isn't so bad.

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