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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Tuesday, May 30
Fort de France, Martinique

We arrived in Martinique last Thursday, after a brief visit to Dominica, and finally caught up with our friends Kim and David on Amanzi. We hadn't seen them since the British Virgin Islands, and once we raised them on the radio, we rushed down to their anchorage to enjoy a few days of potluck meals and lots of stories. Kim and David own a classic boat, which they took to Antigua for race week at the end of April, and they did quite well. David, who is a professional photographer, had lots of photographs of the beautiful (and expensive) classic boats that were there beside them, along with an accounting of how much some of these boats require in maintenance each year (one large sailing yacht cost half a million dollars to prep for its owner each spring).

Martinique is beautiful, and once again we are in the land of the baguette and cheap French wine. My French, however, seems to be deteriorating, not improving, as the weeks go by. More and more people are opting to speak to me in English rather than put up with my attempts at French. C'est la vie!

We are in the capital city today, shopping and doing some sightseeing, and we finally have an Internet connection. I had thought, after St. Martin, that it would be easy to find wifi for our computer. Instead we have to hunt down these sketchy-looking Internet cafes up some rickety back stairs. But they get the job done. Alas, our blog suffers, and the posting of pictures is pretty much impossible.

The day after we left Deshaies, that beautiful anchorage in Guadeloupe, the volacono on Montserrat erupted, sending a three-foot tsunami into the Deshaies anchorage. Our boat would have been fine had we been there, but I am glad we missed it nonetheless. Kim, who is a teacher in real life, interviewed a vulcanologist on Montserrat during their visit to the island, and she also gave me a great link to check out the volcano and see some updated photographs of the action on the island. See sidebar for links.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you survived the vulcan activities. All is well in Ler Stars U-knee. The Waylandites meandered to Methuen for grilled meat, libations and ice cream in excess. MCT now: I have but a fortnight until her ears are pierced. On May 25 all the third grades went to Japan. Did you know that it is polite to burp and to slurp. Today my team played against the other Wayland team,and my team won. I helped get one goal.

On Saturday+Sunday I had a tournament we won one game and lost the others, but at the end we all got trophies and they spin!!!

The Fender wonders if you have access to email.


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