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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Ah, the injustice of it all. The Yankees are up 2-0 against the hometown heroes--the Sox. Jill and I are watching Gameday on the internet. No audio, no video, just text. We do have the Eagles playing on the stereo. I'm not sure that helps much. We leave with the next tide (actually, at 9:30AM, when the bridge opens) for St. Barts. Then, points unknown. Here's Jill...

We are having a tough time extricating ourselves from Sint Maarten, even though staying in the lagoon breaks my rule about choosing an anchorage where we can swim off the boat. The proximity to chandleries, Internet, French pastry and wine, the Heineken distributor, and other friends who are in no hurry to leave has made us slow to up anchor.

I think tomorrow we will actually do it, and sail fifteen miles to St. Barts to become the poorest people on that oh-so chi-chi island. May is an extraordinarily unfashionable month to visit, so I suspect we will not be running into the more famous jet setters, just your ordinary rich people and a few other cruisers who have come to gawk.

More news as we see fit.

Thanks, Margot, for the comment. C'mon, folks, let's get those comments going... Don't make us write our own comments.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our dull comments do not withstand your sun sharp and colorful prose. Mae Mae sounds concern periodically that you are enjoying yourself too much. No issues with the chocolate and pastries mind you. I am in full search of a new position and the Fender would not be off put should I find a sheltering and lucrative bench in the Caribbean Basin. Castle Island's Pleasure Bay has lost appeal. Warrren Buffett, should you have missed the stockholder meeting in Omaha last week, indicated that the housing market is overwrought. You may come back to a different world. I use the permissive may as I can see no real need to venture back save for money. The envy and need for a sunny vacation should be apparent if they are not.


8:00 AM  
Blogger Gregory Burd said...

Final score: Red Sox 14, Yankees 3. Justice is restored. That is all, carry on, carry on.

9:00 AM  
Anonymous roving fender said...

how can i comment on your reluctance to leave one paradise for another...boo hoo! If the hometown heroes play at home in the near future, their sox will be wet and cold...boo hoo for you again! Finished Handmaid's Tale -Dean's recommendation - it was frightening. Today finished The Short History of the Dead. Great story albeit similar to 5 People U Meet In Heaven. This not working thing would be better if I were doing it in paradise. That's all, carry on, carry on.

12:48 PM  
Anonymous Tara Gorvine said...

I await your next posting with great anticipation. It;s the next best thing to a reality show of you two. Post more pics please! -Tara

12:31 PM  

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