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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Again with the pictures!

Devin at the wheel

The infamous William Thornton

Finally, Delilah has a bow wave.


Blogger Gregory Burd said...

Ah, Willy T's, I remember it well. Kinda. I had been drinking. We swam in from our boat which we left on a mooring ball nearby. For those not familier with tradition, let me fill you in. The area to the left on the boat is the dinning hall. The smaller area to the right is the bar/dance floor. My drink at the bar was some concoction that came from a slurpee machine. It was nearly saturated with alcohol. Most nights the dancing is so fast and furious that keeping a drink is nearly impossible, someone will bump into you and you will be wearing it. The top deck above the bar is the diving platform. You see, it's tradition to remove your clothing and jump into the water, drunk, in the pitch black night, with no concern for who is below. This leads to a mass of naked bodies treading water in close proximity. Making friends at Willy T's is all too easy. From the water you must swim to the dinghy dock and get help from those on board to be lifted back up (nude). For the lucky few clothing has been brought to you at the dock, for the rest it's still on the top deck. So streaking naked past the cheering crowds in the bar, up the stairs, and to the top deck is par for the course. I can neither confirm nor deny my experiences on this boat. I went back a few nights...

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