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Friday, April 28, 2006

St. Martin Bound

Quick update: We'll likely leave this afternoon for St. Martin--about 80 miles from here. We should arrive tomorrow morning. We might check in on the Dutch side, as there is supposed to be a NW swell. We'll keep you posted.

BTW: Where are all of our comments? Does nobody love us anymore?


Blogger Gregory Burd said...

I navigated the reef you describe surrounding the bay at the Soggy Dollar Bar. We were in a 50' Jeanneu with a 6' draft. Fin keel, blub wing, pure lead. Nothing nearly as strong as what Delilah sports. Making the cut in the reef wasn't all that hard. Finding a spot to anchor was. This was where we picked up not sand, but coral head with our bruce. That turns out not to hold so well. I had to dive on the anchor (in 7' of water), remove the coral head, and reset it by hand. I was the only one on the boat, so when the anchor was up, off the bottom in my hands, the boat was free and essentially under way. The anchor reset, things were okay. I'll never forget that. It's why I didn't ever make it to the bar. Oh yeah, we were so shallow that the keel bumped on the bottom with every swell. Good thing it was a charter boat.

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