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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Special Guest Blog from the BVI's!

Sunday, 23 April 2006
Cane Garden Bay, Tortola
N 18 degrees 25.683 minutes
W 064 degrees 39.552 minutes

Ahoy from Bridget and Devin! We have spent the last five days as guests--or rather (as Dean would say) jewels resting on the cushion of hospitality--aboard Delilah. It's a tough life--swimming, sailing, visiting every bar on every shore in a five-mile radius, etc. One thing we've learned is that drinks mixed on the Delilah are better (read: stronger) than anything shoreside. We would highly recommend that everyone come visit, if you can swing it. It's like chartering a sailboat with crew in the Caribbean for the cost of a few bar tabs. Of course, this crew doesn't wear matching uniforms, but we have heard some "authentic" sailor-talk. If you're worried about close quarters aboard--don't be--there's plenty of space, and also plenty of chores you can help out with to participate in the running of the boat, which makes you feel like you're somehow earning your keep. Dean let's us haul up the anchor every time! And even better, Dean and Jill will stay up all hours of the night playing dominoes (now that we've taught them to play), singing sea ditties (our favorite is about PB&J), and telling stories about sailing that will get you planning your own cruise "some day".

One of the educational parts of the trip has been observing the unique cruising culture. Everybody seems to know everyone else. It's like this fun, exclusive club that we got to be part of for our week down here. Our pasty-white/bright red "tans" give us away as non-cruisers, but since we're with Delilah, we're accepted. That's an experience you can't buy from the charter companies!

It goes without saying, but we'll say it anyway, it's beautiful and sunny and relaxing every day here. You can snorkel off the boat and dive off the boom or just watch other people anchoring (a popular spectator sport). Blue waters, tropical paradise, this place has everything, and we're sure the islands in Delilah's future will hold similar charms. So book your trip already!!


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