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Monday, February 20, 2006

Clam Bake

They do not have locally-dug clams in George Town, and the lobsters here have funny antennae instead of large front claws. However, my long-held wish for a beachside clam bake for my 35th birthday was realized last night.

Certainly this week's weather in George Town is the best anyone can expect for a February birthday--sunny and hot, but with a cooling breeze on the water. I made pork satay for a potluck dinner on the beach (a hit, as always, Tina), and one of the cruisers, who is a professional baker, made me a chocolate and banana cake with chocolate frosting.

After dark we lit a bonfire on the beach, and people attempted to sing songs. The many nights Pam and I spent at the King's Head paid off, as I was the only person who knew all the verses, in the correct order, for "American Pie" and "Hotel California." Then again, I thought I sounded pretty good too, so maybe that was I side effect of the rum and pineapple Tang I've been drinking.

As it got later, I kept expecting us to be shooed off the beach. Where were the angry campers, the park wardens, the state troopers in their shiny black knee-boots? Years of Campin' Cousins has led me to believe that no evening around the campfire is complete without an escalating series of complaints and threats from angry neighbors. But nobody came--still more proof that this year's event should be Caribbean Cousins.

In other news, we've had a quiet week since Greg left Wednesday. We are getting the boat ready for the next leg of our journey into the SE Bahamas and beyond. After our little overheating adventure on Tuesday, we needed some new radiator hose, and we found out that there is a NAPA dealership outside town. So on Thursday we stuck our thumbs out and got a ride within five minutes. The driver had not heard of NAPA, but she drove on until it became obvious that we'd missed it.

What did she do next? She saw someone she knew passing in the other direction, called him on her cell phone, made him turn around, and then pulled over to the side of the road to wait for him. He came along, stopped, picked us up, and took us back to the NAPA store. How is that for hospitality?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Bertday to you, happy bertday to you, happy bertday dear jilly, happy bertday to you! In your honor, the temperatures were the coldest of the season here on Saturday. Your entry got me to send the first campin cousins email this year. Your old boss is again hot topic: no confidence vote expected. Don't you miss it?!

12:16 PM  
Blogger Gregory Burd said...

Happy Birthday Jill! I miss you guys too. Nothing but work and cold wind here in Boston for me. Well, and clean sheets, fresh water, take out taxi, I should stop now before I get hate mail. Oh, and about the NAPA store, sheesh, even I know where that is. How could you miss it? Its on the left on the way to the airport about half way there.

4:16 PM  
Anonymous terry said...

do they have locally made green eggs and ham?

6:34 PM  

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