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Friday, December 08, 2006

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Friday, December 8
St. Anne, Martinique
N 14 degrees, 26.345 minutes
W 060 degrees 53.088 minutes

We'll start with What's good:
We caught a fish! A beautiful mahi mahi, our first edible fish since the Bahamas in February. We have caught up with Crossroads, Dragonfly, and Dreamweaver, and they had two loaves of French bread and two chocolate croissants waiting for us when we anchored. We made 7 knots under greatly reduced sail between Bequia and St. Vincent, flying along at a close reach. We'll look back on it as a "lively" sail with plenty of wind.

What's bad:
Nausea, which caused us to lose a lure by acting too slowly when we hooked our first fish, which got away. And in hindsight, it doesn't seem so bad, but boy were those waves big and steep at the northern end of St. Vincent.

What's Ugly:
The teeth marks on our mahi mahi when we brought him aboard. He went for the lure on our yo yo, which is silent, so we didn't know we had caught a fish until he'd exhausted himself by struggling back there. And he attracted a predator. Dean saw a fin as he was hauling the fish in. Luckily, all the predator got was a bit of skin. Our boat hasn't fared much better. We took a few waves over the bow, over the coach roof, over the dodger, and right in the face. We give new meaning to being salty coves--inside and out, as there were three inches of water above the floorboards in the galley about mid-passage. Fortunately, it was confined to the galley, and the bilge itself was dry, which meant we weren't sinking. Unfortunately, it means we have a leak along the port side rail, which spent much of the passage buried beneath the waves. Also, we broke our dining table when it fell down during the passage.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nausea is one of my least favorite things! ...B side to Julie Andrews' tune. There shall be no nauseating currents, waves, winds, etc when visitors arrive, right? R

9:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

guess comment from MaeMae dictated via phone:
You should rename your entry "The Good, the Bad, and The SCARY!" How big is this hole that it would allow that much water in?
Will make a worldwide announcement when I'm on-line.

12:00 PM  

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