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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Wednesday, November 22
Tobago Cays

We're in a race to the finish here at the Tobago Cays, waiting to see what will run out first: our water, our food (not likely, but one gets tired of canned chickpeas and "french-style" green beans after a time), or our selection of unread books. Sadly, I think we will have to move on later this week. The French islands call, with their little cafes and pain au chocoat.

Dean has been eager to stay until Sunday. Our first week here I ruined our chances for a zero-dollar week by purchasing $4 U.S. worth of bread from the boat boys last Wednesday, so he wants to give this week another shot. We have, in fact, gone a whole week since then without spending a cent, but as our budget runs from Sunday to Saturday, the books don't reflect our triumph.

At the very least, we will stay in the Cays through Thanksgiving. I had been threatening Dean with an all-canned Thanksgiving meal--including the turkey meat, which I thought I might turn into a pot pie--until our American neighbors invited us to join them on the beach for a picnic. Somebody actually has real turkey! I don't know where or when they got it, but I think I won't ask too many questions regarding the turkey's provenance.


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