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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Catching up

Tuesday, November 28
Britannia Bay, Mustique, Grenadines

Did you miss us? We are catching up on our blog today, now that we've found free wi-fi. There are four more new blogs and a bunch of pictures to follow. If you want to read them in order, start at the bottom with November 13.

As for today's news, we are leaving Mustique this afternoon for Bequia. Bequia is west of here, and since the tradewinds blow from the east, we should be in for a beautiful downwind sail. Which probably means that the wind will die altogether.

This morning I went back to the petite French bakery here on the island for a little pastry (Yes, Elisa, I'm making the hand gestures) and some bread, and I've learned a disturbing yet valuable lesson: just because a bakery is called French and is owned by some guy who claims to be from France doesn't mean his pastry is any good. The baguette, however, is still warm, so perhaps we'll do better with that.


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