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Saturday, June 17, 2006

P and P

Tuesday, June 13
Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou, Grenada
N 12 degrees, 27.32 minutes
W 061 degrees, 29.26 minutes

We left Bequia early Friday morning, expecting that day to be our last good day for travel until the middle of this week. We had a beautiful sail through the Grenadines to this island just twenty miles north of Grenada, and now we are officially out of the hurricane zone. Now that we are allegedly safe, however, I am hearing about Tropical Storm Albert, which is nowhere near us, but might be a threat to Cape Cod later this week.

Having reached this milestone, Dean plugged in the coordinates for Boston, and it turns out that we are merely 1,857 nautical miles from home. If we were to leave here and head 001 degrees magnetic, sailing straight through at five knots, and assuming we did not run into any islands along the way, it would take us 371 hours, just over 15 days, to reach home. I guess we have taken a lot of detours to get down here.

The weather for this past weekend was predicted to deterioriate, with building winds and increasing squall activity before the tropical wave that hit early this morning. And though in the end it remained calm and sunny until today, Kim on Amanzi was still interested in watching movies, as planned, on Saturday. So while Dean went to an establishment onshore to try to build his interest in world cup soccer, I broke out "Pride and Prejudice," the six-hour BBC version, not the trashy, flashy new version that was in cinemas this fall. It's the only movie I thought to bring on this long trip. So far, it's enough.

Kim and I were merely four hours into the epic when Dean and David returned for dinner. Kim took the discs home that night, ostensibly to finish watching the movie, but when I spoke to her the next morning, I found out she had started again, from the beginning, and had stayed up until nearly three a.m. watching the whole thing through. But she still wanted to pick up where we left off and watch the last two hours again with me. I'd say I've made another convert!

Kim and David do have a larger movie collection, and they trade with other boats, all of whom seem better stocked than we are, so when the tropical wave did hit us, keeping us boat-bound in thirty-knot winds and plenty of rain, Dean and I had several loaner videos to watch. I think we have seen about six movies since Saturday, and though some were of dubious entertainment value, we have pretty low standards at this point.


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