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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Dateline: Norwalk

We're in Norwalk, CT, in Long Island Sound. We sailed from Block Island to the Sound Saturday morning, anchored for a few hours at Duck Island until the current was with us again, then "sailed" through the night to Norwalk. It was a very surreal experience. There was no wind, so we motored the entire way. Some sailors we are...

When we got in, still in dense fog, we almost ran into dozens of crew teams in their racing shells. About halfway up the harbor, we were stopped and told that there were races in the harbor and that the public dock, our destination, was not available. Oh, yeah, I (Dean) also ran aground--in soft mud. I had sworn never to do that, but I was avoiding the shells. No damage because it was mud. We had to wait for three hours on a mooring, then put in at the town dock.

The whole reason we rushed into Norwich was to avoid a cold front that was predicted to move through this afternoon, bringing high wind, rain, and possibly lightning. But it's now 3 o'clock, and the sun is burning off the fog. Still, it's nice to be ashore again, sitting in a bakery and enjoying a slice of red velvet cake (guess who ordered that) and a kouign amans, which is like a croissant but with sugar on it (okay, I ordered both things).

We also picked up our chart for the East River and Manhattan. I expect we'll go through there Tuesday, weather permitting. Although, who knows? Predictions are for W winds where we want to go west and S winds where we want to go south.

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Anonymous Miss Berns said...

Perhaps Andy will become a sailor, since he too is always listening to NOAA (our clock radio has a weather radio, so he runs into our room whenever possible and turns on NOAA. Even when some nice NPR or classical music is playing, he prefers the computer generated reports of gale force winds over Lake Michigan). Thanks for the update.

11:23 AM  
Anonymous PM Eitienne said...

Roving Fender & I checking in. Hope all is well. Tell us when water temp exceeds 70.

4:34 PM  
Anonymous roving fender said...

my first blog! Mom got your MacFadyen email. Pastries..what happened to the boil-in-bag provisions? All's well here. No action on house, but Robin's is back on mrkt. I've new awareness of wind direction. Happy sails!

10:44 AM  

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