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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Sunday Night and Dorade Box

It looks like tomorrow night (30 Oct) might be the night! It's snowing now in Boston, and we really want to start this trip. If we leave at night, we should make the East entrance to the Cape Cod Canal in the morning, which would mean we could potentially anchor in Cuttyhunk during the afternoon. It looks like the wind will stay in the West for a day or two, which isn't great for us. We might head due south until the wind goes to the northwest, then we could cut in.

I've included a picture of my new dorade box. The old one went overboard this summer during an accidental jibe. Rory and Roger helped me fashion this replacement. I ordered a low-profile cowl vent, but it hasn't yet arrived. Turns out the store that sold it to me was hit by the hurricane... Nice.


Anonymous Miss Berns said...

You might need to start a glossary for us land lubbers who don't know such terms as dorade box. I will be thinking of you often and look forward to hearing news.

10:02 AM  
Anonymous Thanksgiving Party said...

lets try this again.
We are ALL.. here at Doog's.
There was lots of yelling, the paudge toasted jackie mannion for being 79, then you guys.
then there was more yelling, then we had a group photo. ..So like any other family gathering. The kids are outside playing flashlight tag. Hand hurts.. Jackie is leaving and he shook my hand.
signing off-rory

8:21 PM  

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