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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

More Information

So, for those of you with whom we haven't spoken in a while, here's the skinny...

We've both quit our jobs; there's no going back now.

We're working feverishly to finish the preparations on the boat and on all of the other stuff (getting our wills together, figuring out what to take with us and what to leave in storage, etc.) Hopefully, we'll be ready to go by the 25th October.
We will first sail to Block Island (probably a 24 hour sail for us), where we will wait until there's a good weather window for the passage to Norfolk (3 day sail?). Once there, we'll stay with Tina and Ian (and their new baby!) for a few days. Then, it's down the ICW to Beaufort, North Carolina. We'll sit there until the weather is right, and then we're off for St. Thomas.

Don't ask for any information further out than that, for there's none to give you! We'll figure out where we're going when we get there.

We expect to be gone anywhere from a year to 18 months, if our spending falls in line with our expectations. However, we could be back in a few months, if we find we don't like cruising! Or, if we find a way to make some money as we go, we could be out for a few years.

All are welcome to visit us when we're in warmer climes!


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