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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Tardy Guest Blog

Mary’s and Jack’s Visit, May 2007:

It took a Continental 737, a 20-seater Gulfstream and a ferry ride to reach Jill and Dean on Elbow Cay, a small island in the Abacos. But there was herself, wearing a straw hat and sunglasses and looking like a native of West Palm Beach which we had left just two hours before, and Dean relaxed and tanned, carefully guiding the dinghy alongside the dock.

We had a fun visit with the two sailors (sorry, cruisers) on this small island 6-1/2 mile long and only one-quarter mile wide in some parts. It’s lovely there, with many, mostly deserted, beaches to choose from. There are just a few walkways through the little village of Hopetown, where all the houses are painted pastel colors and flowers are everywhere. You park your rented golf cart at the appointed area at the edge of the village and meander around to perhaps Iggy Biggys to pick up a gift or two, or have lunch at Captain Jack’s.

Our cottage, which Rose found on the internet after much searching, provided the fun advantage, that as we sat at our breakfast table, we could observe Delilah at anchor out in White Sound, and spy through our binoculars as they took their dingy into “our” dock. Jill cooked freshly caught (by Dean) Mahi Mahi with coconut rice and veggies for our first island meal. After that, we enjoyed the mostly waterside restaurants.

An excursion to the lighthouse provided splendid views all around and gave us a sense of where some of the Abaco islands are in relation to Elbow Cay.

Many thanks for the opportunity, Jill and Dean, and safe sailing, as you continue north towards home, to complete your fantastic trip.


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