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Friday, May 25, 2007

Mae Mae Over And Out

25 May 2007
Marsh Harbour, Abacos

So Jill's parents came down to the Abacos to visit us. They rented a house for the week, and then rented a golf cart so we could zip around the island. Jill loved the cart, and turned the island into her very own Le Mans whenever she got behind the wheel. We went to the beach (although it was very windy), the museum, etc. We ate well. The best part, however, was that the place they rented came with a VHF radio. It was to my distinct pleasure to hear Jill's mother saying "Deliah. Delilah. Mae-Mae" on VHF 16. After the conversation was over, I nearly died when she came out with "Mae-Mae over and out."

We are waiting on weather to begin our 4 day offshore passage to N.C.


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