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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Home Sweet Home (or Boat for Sale)

Tuesday, June 26
Boston Waterboat Marina
66 Long Wharf
Boston, MA 02110

N 42 degrees, 21.642 minutes
W 071 degrees, 02.912 minutes

602 days, 16 countries (countless islands), 3 languages, and roughly 7,500 miles later, Delilah is back where she started, plugged in, rinsed off, and patiently awaiting the real scrubbing she has earned by getting us home safely. Yes, we miss the Caribbean, but we are happy to be home. Yes, we are suffering culture shock, but there's nothing like watching Derek and Wally's condiment-squirting fight at Aunt Bernie's pool party to put the importance of home and family in context. (What I actually mean by "context" you can decide for yourself.)

We had a great time in New York with Amanzi. Kim had never been to the city before, so we hit all the major sites, and walked for miles, enjoying Chinatown, Times Square, SoHo, Greenwich Village, and Central Park and gawking at all the people—more people, perhaps, than we saw the whole time we cruised outside the U.S.

I really knew the trip was coming to an end when we hit Beaufort, but once we got to Long Island Sound, there really didn't seem to be any point to dragging our feet any longer. We gave up sailing in order to make best speed toward New England, and so our last few days at sea were full of the sound of our droning engine, and my droning on and on about how COLD it is up here (okay, it's 90-something degrees on the boat as I type this, but LAST week we were wearing long underwear and fleece). We had long days on the move, using every minute of daylight, and occasionally dodging theatrical thunderstorms off Rhode Island and Cape Cod. We caught one last fish, a bluefish, which we grilled for dinner, and on our second-to-last day at sea, Buzzard's Bay gave us a typically rowdy welcome home.

We spent our final night at a mooring in the Harbor Islands, admiring Boston from a distance. On Sunday we attempted to sail to our marina, figuring it's really pathetic to motor those last five miles. But after tacking and tacking our way into NW winds with the tide against us and increasing in velocity, we lost patience.

What next? Well, Dean and I both need to find jobs very soon, but maybe we can squeeze one last cruise in, up to Maine for a week or two, before we go back to work and Delilah, our means of escape and our home for more than five years, goes up for sale.

Stand by for some final photos.


Blogger Susan and Randy said...

Congratulations, oh ye intrepid travellers. If you get bored, come on up to Nova Scotia and see what we look like when we've been bathing regularly. Miss y'all awful - what'll we do for peeps when we get back to the islands in October?????

xo Sue and Randy
sv Nancy Dawson

2:38 PM  
Anonymous Devin Parry said...

Where will I get my vicarious thrills now that I can't follow your adventures on the blog? Still, welcome home! We'll have to have you over soon for a visit and you can meet little Graham. I guess he's our alternative to a sailboat. Hmmm, perhaps you'd be interested in swapping for Delilah... just kidding, Graham, we wouldn't possibly consider trading you for anything shorter than 50 feet.

10:32 AM  

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