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Monday, March 12, 2007

Guest Blog Special!

This guest blog was written by Lisa, after flying home from Nevis.

Arriving in Antigua 3 hours late (2:30 am), with Jill and Dean waiting patiently in the pouring rain for us, was how Jim and I started our vacation. But that was the only bad part of a great adventure. Upon arriving at the Antigua Yacht Club there was our good friends to take us to the good ship Delilah. Once on board, Jim informed Jill and Dean that he brought breakfast and dessert for the week. Yes Nutter Butter Cookies for breakfast and Double Stuffed Oreos for dessert, and I can’t forget a special gift for Dean…. Johnny Walker Blue to go with the Oreos. We got the important stuff was out of the way and got to bed at 4am.

Later that day, once we got up, we headed into the little town of Falmouth for lunch. The place for lunch was Grace Before Meals, which was a little shack with local flavor. Jill and Jim had a roti, which is chicken and potato wrapped up in a tortilla, and Dean had the special of curried pork. Me, I am not into food adventure, so I ordered a hamburger…well I think it was hamburger, wasn’t quite sure, but I was so hungry I ate it not thinking what I was eating…word to the wise, don’t order a hamburger in Antigua. We headed back to the boat and finally hit the water for a swim. After our swim and back on the boat, I learned how to take a “save the fresh water shower”…which consisted of jumping in the water, get out wash your hair and body, jumping back into the water to rinse, back out for the hair conditioner, jumping back into the water to rinse, back on board for 2 cupfuls of fresh water to rinse the salt water off. Jim even mastered shaving in the salt water. Once showered it was time to open the Carib (beer) and enjoy Jill’s good cooking. Of course after dinner we did open those Double Stuffs, and the boys enjoyed the Johnny Walker Blue under a full moon.

After the first day we were so relaxed the days just went by, enjoying dinner with Kim and David on Amanzi the next night. Sunday we needed to go to Customs to add Jim and me to the crew list for our big sail to Nevis on Monday. Once that was out of the way we had to do the tourist thing and climbed Shirley Heights Sunday night for the sunset and barbeque ribs, but we didn’t stay too late as we needed to get back to Delilah to prepare it for our sail to Nevis on Monday.

4:45am Monday morning all were up preparing for our 50-mile sail to Nevis (sister island to St Kitts). Setting out at 6am, we began our sail with Jill at the helm and Dean pulling up the main sail. The sail was beautiful, the water a little rough, and a squall decided to catch a bit of us, but 10 hours later we were anchored on the coast of Nevis again with a Carib (beer). Ever hear the expression, there is nothing like a beer after a hard day of skiing…well there is nothing like a ice cold beer after a long sail! That night while watching the sunset and the almost full moon coming over the mountain, Dean made his famous Pizza dough for dinner that night, which was the perfect ending to the perfect day.

Unfortunately, all good things have to come to the end…this is where Jim and my adventure ended, after enjoying a local lunch on Nevis and going to customs to take Jim and me off the crew list, we headed to the airport.

Spending 24/7 for 4 ½ days on a boat there were many good laughs and inside jokes, which added to a great time. Thank you Jill and Dean for sharing your world with us for the most relaxing adventure anyone could ask for.


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