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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Facing the Atlantic

Monday, February 12
Nonsuch Bay, Antigua
N 17 degrees, 04.578 minutes
W 061 degrees, 40.326 minutes

The best thing to do, when one discovers on Thursday that the weekly budget has already been exceeded, is to find somewhere remote and sit there until the week has ended. Thus we were finally driven out of lively (and expensive) Falmouth Harbor for a few days.

Not that we mind, of course. Nonsuch Bay, on the eastern coast of Antigua, is a beautiful, remote area with just a few yachts and very little opportunity to spend money. Green Island, off to starboard, is uninhabited, as is Bird Island, to port. Off our bow, between us and the big ole Atlantic, is long reef. As in the Tobago Cays, the reef protects us from any large seas rolling west from Africa, but leaves us with the illusion that we are facing straight out to sea.

Unfortunately, this reef was damaged by storms and is only beginning to show new signs of life, so the snorkeling is not what it could be. Still, the remoteness of this anchorage leaves us plenty of time to perform some long-overdue boat maintenance, as well as lounge in the hammock and contemplate the horizon (thanks, Greg).

Dean may have located and fixed the hole on our cap rail, putting an end, we hope, to puddles on the galley floor when we bury the port rail. I am sure we'll have ample opportunity to test his handiwork when we leave Antigua at the end of the month.


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