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Friday, January 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Bonnie Foulis!

Friday, January 26
St. Louis, Marie Galante, Guadeloupe
N 15 degrees, 57.398
W 061 degrees, 19.298

The wind this week has been quite light and has actually clocked a little SE. Of course that meant we were compelled to sail SE, and we are now anchored off a small island below Guadeloupe. I had been lured here by a guidebook that claimed the water was so clear that one could see starfish on the seabed by moonlight...that is, if there WERE starfish on the seabed, instead of a load of weeds. It's not quite the same.

There is a lovely, mile-long, largely deserted beach here, and I have added significantly to my sea glass and shell collection. This afternoon we will move over to another, longer beach for more exploring.

There is also a little town nearby, inspiring the phrase, "nothing to write home about."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's not a bat wing, it's a mini Reese's PB Cup wrapper. Jill was sneaking them and tossing wrappers out the porthole.

9:21 PM  

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