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Monday, January 15, 2007

Yahoo! Or Should I Say Wahoo?

Monday, January 8
Roseau, Dominica
N 15 degrees, 17.081 minutes
W 061 degrees, 22.567 minutes

What a day! And it's only half over. We woke up in St. Pierre this morning for a dawn departure, heading for Dominica.

Yes, keen reader, you are correct in recalling that Dean swore he would never go back to Dominica (see our Dominica blog from last May for an explanation). But since we neglected to fill our spare propane tank in Bequia, and the French islands don't fill propane tanks, and we would like to continue to eat hot meals, we must stop in Dominica.

Not only did we sail all the way here on a BEAM REACH, the bloody beam reach we were promised we'd have all the way up and down the Caribbean, we made fabulous time. Delilah ate up the waves, and we even PASSED another sailboat. I'll repeat that for everyone who has ever sailed in, beside, or circles around our boat. WE PASSED A BIGGER SAILBOAT, WHICH HAD LEFT ST. PIERRE AHEAD OF US! We made six to seven knots. And we came in more than an hour ahead of our already-optimistic schedule.

And while we were at it, we spotted a whale and we caught ourselves a fish--our first wahoo.

Not bad for a Monday morning in January, eh?


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