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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Goodbye to the Isle of Spice

Saturday, November 4
The Lagoon, St. George, Grenada

The island of Carriacou, where we are headed tomorrow, is actually still part of the country of Grenada. But today is our last day on the mainland. We have been scurrying around, trying to get in a few last errands and make a few last purchases, knowing that we will not be down this way again on this trip.

Yesterday I paid my third or fourth visit to Yellow Poui art gallery in the Carenage. Dean and I had agreed that we would pick up a few pieces of art along the way to serve as souvenirs from the trip--and assuming that, one day, we will have places to put this art. But our budget is still a bit crippled from our time in Trinidad. After a great deal of indecision, we purchased a small watercolor painting of a couple of local houses on a hillside. It was fairly inexpensive, unframed, and tiny enough that we can hang it on one of the bulkheads in Delilah. I am very pleased with our purchase.

I am also pleased with the purchase we made in Island Water World, of a joker valve for the head. But I won't go into details about how that improves our quality of life...

Today Dean made the mistake of letting me go to the grocery store alone. What started out as a quick trip for a few last-minute items turned into cart-filling extravaganza, as I tried to stock up on all the things we might not be able to purchase in the remote islands of the Grenadines, where we will spend the next month. Ting (a grapefruit soda bottled in Ireland, actually), lemongrass tea, Grenada-made chocolate, paper towels (at a whopping four bucks U.S. per roll for the pick-a-size, but you gotta have 'em), chickpeas for my expanding curry repertoire, fresh vegetables, and so on. I could have purchased a MUCH more expensive painting with the money I spent in the grocery store, but that's the way it is. Fortunately, we have no choice but to give the budget a rest until December.


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