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Monday, October 30, 2006

October Ends

Sunday, October 29

Hog Island, Grenada

The past week at Hog Island has been particularly social, as we enjoyed the company of Crossroads and Dragonfly, as well as Amanzi (who had threatened to head around the corner for a few days, but thought better of it).

Friday we went back to the town of Gouyave, about an hour away, for their weekly street festival in celebration of fish. This was our third visit, so we are practically regulars at the corner bar, and we know what to avoid (the fish casseroles--lots of starch and very bland) and what to go for (the fish bakes--little fish cakes in delicious, hot bread for only $2 EC per bake). The music was fun, and the food was as delicious as always, but as we are cruisers with early bedtimes, we were ready to leave just as the locals were beginning to show up in force.

Saturday we donned our running shoes for yet another hash (group walk/run that ends at a rum shop) through the underbrush of Grenada. We've had quite a bit of rain lately, so I was pleasantly surprised that the trail was not extremely muddy. This week's rabbit (the person who laid the trail) had a cruel sense of humor, however, so there were a number of false trails that went on longer than usual, and the last quarter mile of the trail was underwater. Dean, not wanting to get his tootsies wet, built a bridge over one particularly deep section, and found alternate paths around the others. I merely slogged through and got wet to the knees. Aside from the exercise, which I need, the thing I enjoy most about hashes is the chance they give us to see parts of the countryside that we would never go to on our own. Grenada is a beautiful, lush island with interesting terrain and heartstopping ocean views from its many mountain peaks. Being on a boat in a harbor means we only see a fraction of the islands we visit. The hash gives us a chance to go where even some of the locals have never been.

Today we all convened on Crossroads for Kim's by-now famous curry dishes and a whole bunch of sangria made from some boxed wine Dean and I have been carrying around since Miami. Not even fruit, brandy, and juice could disguise that the wine had gone a little off, but Una did her best with what I gave her.

The evening devolved into a game of Mexican Train, and I enjoyed a killer winning streak that left the rest of my competitors in the dust. They say dominoes tournaments will soon be shown on ESPN. I'm ready for my television debut.


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