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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Chicken Foot and Mexican Train

August 26
Coral Cove Marina

The good news is that Michele and Glenn from Crossroads, and Una and Jeff from Dragonfly are back on their boats. We have resumed our busy social life, playing dominoes, swapping stories, and testing out some Tennessee moonshine--which went down a great deal smoother than some of the local rum we've tried.

Dean and I also got a chance to attend a party outside the cruising community. A friend of our friends on Wandering Albatross works for the State Department, and though she is in Trinidad now, she is moving back to Washington next week. We went to her gorgeous house (funded by us taxpayers) for a good-bye party, and we enjoyed meeting some new Trinidadians, as well as Americans who got here some other way besides on an old boat. I also enjoyed being introduced as a "yachtie" to other guests. It made me want to jut my chin out and murmur "quite so, old chap" in my best Thurston Howell the Third impression.

All this socializing has really eaten into our work-on-the-boat time. But since it's rained for four solid days this week, there's not a lot we can do out there. Besides, we're tired.


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