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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Miami Blues

So. We've skipped Miami for the time being and are moored in Key Biscayne. We were headed for Miami on Tuesday, but on Monday there was a terrible seaplane accident--we think it must have made the news in Boston--that closed Government Cut (the entrance to Miami from the ocean) while they continued the salvage operation, and we contined south. We decided to stay at a marina because the moorings were cheap, we both desperately needed showers, and we thought we could fill up our water tank, have our holding tank pumped, talk to some other humans, etc. Unfortunately, at least one of the hurricanes this year wiped out the marina's amenities and ripped up the restaurant. It's pretty depressing. So, no showers, no pumping, etc.

Once we hit St. Lucie, we started seeing evidence of hurricane damage, and it got still more obvious as we've headed south. What is amazing to us is that no effort at repairs seems to be underway, including in private himes where people's screen houses have collapsed, or places where one would guess that the owner would at least clear away debris. Dean guesses that people are waiting for insurance estimates.

The marina at which we are staying is close enough to Miami for us catch the bus to South Beach. But, of course, it's cloudy and cold today. We have consoled ourselves with hot chocolate and an eclair at a French bakery while we wait for our first roll of film to develop.

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