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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Georgia in December

We realize we made no mention of our stop in Charlston, SC. For this we are deeply sorry. Charleston was great, and if we hadn't been eager to take advantage of the NW wind before it turned south again, we would have stayed a few days.

City Marina in Charlston is absolutely gorgeous--the best-run marina we've ever been to. The current was a little nasty, but they put us on the outside and two dockhands helped us to dock.
In the morning we had a complimentary paper delivered to the boat, and they even had a free shuttle, though we chose to walk into town. We had a great time walking around the shopping district, and we were able to buy four sail slides at the sail loft at the marina (we need twelve more for our new storm sail track, though I hope we never use it). The only bad part is that we weren't able to get a pumpout. They weaseled out of that one, just like most marinas.

We went out with the tide yesterday (December 2) and had a few good hours of sailing on our overnight to Savannah. Savannah is actually about 15 miles upriver from the ocean, but we decidedd to take the detour after so many people recommended that we stop here.

We are docked for cheap at the town dock, right on River Street, and it seems that we've picked a good weekend to visit. They are having a parade and a band and crafts (or is it krafts?) all over town in celebration of Christmas--not "the holidays," Christmas. If the number of stations on the radio playing religious programming or
Christmas music is any indication, we are deep in the bible belt. Hallelujah. Now all we need is a little fire and brimstone to warm this place up a bit. It was in the thirties last night, and it's only partly sunny today. I thought I'd be sipping rum swizzles by now, not coffee.

However, we have just found a pizza place right in the thick of things with free wireless access. Dean may never leave Savannah.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dean and Jill,

Fun blog. We love hearing about other cruiser's adventures. And admire your honesty and humor about bottoming out!
We're the endeavour at your stern on the city dock. Hope to see you again and hear more about your travels.
On to Florida!
Scott and Sue

12:14 PM  

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